Charity Sale For Handicapped Children

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Charity Sale For Handicapped Children

Postby Christian Lamitschka » Thu May 14, 2009 6:01 am

HelpCharity is a acronym for Handicapped, engagement, loyalty, protection. HelpCharity want to support organizations that pay attention to the needs of handicapped children in Germany and America.

Many country music artists around the world send doantions in kind to support HelpCharity. You have now the chance to buy all of them.

Please go to and klick "HelpCharity's Latest Blog Entry" to find all kind of donations. It could be that you can't see them by using Microsoft Internet Exploorer. You can request the list of kind of donations by sending me an e-mail at

Thanks for your support.


About HelpCharity and me:

2008 Christian Lamitschka has been distinguished with the public-award by the town Frankfurt and the foundation Frankfurt provident bank because of his social commitment for his child and youth work. Central are humans and projects strengthening social cooperation in our society.

HelpCharity was brought into being by Christian Lamitschka, established with the idea supporting organizations caring about handicapped children.
Artists and companies like:

Alicen Krauss, Andy Griggs, Asleep At The Wheel, Baer Family Records, Billy Ray Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Bob Kingsley's Top 40, BRM Records,Carrera,CharlieDaniels, Chuck Wicks, Clint Black, Crystal Gayle, Curb Records, DeAnne Moore, Fox Brothers, Jake Owen, Jason Meadows, Josh Turner, Kenny Chesney, Little Big Town, Little Texas, Marlboro, Martina McBride, Michael Peterson,Michael Twitty, Montgomery Gentry, Pinecastle Records, Rascal Flatts, Renee Grant-Williams, Rounder Records,Sara Evans, Shile Records, Sony / BMG, SteelGuitarNashville,TheBellamy Brothers, The Road Hammers,Tom Astor, Trent Willmonn, Tresa Jordan, Warner Bros. Nashville, WesternMail,Whitney, WVVS and many more supporting HelpCharity.

However Christian Lamitschka have not been satisfied, they wanted to inform as many people as possible about HelpCharity. That’s why you can find HelpCharity on MySpace . Here both protagonist managed the jump amid the top 100 most attended profiles in Germany. On the HelpCharity page of MySpace there are lots of statements and interviews from artists supporting HelpCharity as well as further topical informations about the HelpCharity activities.

How to support HelpCharity and its activity?

-Visit HelpCharity
-Add Help Charity to your list of friends if you have a profile on My Space.
-Integrate the HelpCharity banner on your website, you can order it here:
-Inform your friends about HelpCharity.
-Donate commodity contibutions for the HelpCharity Charity
-Get in touch with if you would like to work as a volunteer.

What means HelpCharity?
HelpCharity stands for handicapped children, involvement, loyalty, protection.

Why HelpCharity was brought into being?
Sad to say that handicapped children in the US and Germany receive much too less involvement, loyalty and protection. Organizations who care about the concerns of handicapped children in Germany and USA shall be backed up by HelpCharity. In present times life is not easy for children generally. This is much more relevant when children are born with a disability. Childhood is accompanied by deprivations. For to alleviate their suffering HelpCharity will contribute that handicapped children will live a blithe and happy life.

Where do the donations and autographs come from?
Because of Christian Lamitschka’s good connections many artists and companies inland and abroad had sent him the donations. Some items he brought along from his several visitations in USA.

What happens with the proceeds?
The proceeds are collected on a bank account.
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