Singer-Songwriters at the BBC

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Singer-Songwriters at the BBC

Postby Space Cowboy » Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:13 am

Waylon Jennings.
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Re: Singer-Songwriters at the BBC

Postby CJ » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:41 pm

Good link SC. Enjoyed seeing Terry Reid again, first time since 1968! Shame about Whispering Bob being asleep during Bruce Johnsons set!!!

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Re: Singer-Songwriters at the BBC

Postby livewire » Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:55 pm

Songwriter's Circle coming up on Friday: Neil Finn, Janis Ian, Ryan Adams.
BBC 4 , 21:00 Friday 21 Oct , episode 4 of 4 -
The final concert in this series of the songwriters' show sees Kiwi favourite Neil Finn joined on stage by American legend Janis Ian and alt-country poster boy Ryan Adams

The BBC will have some editting to do it with drug references and appears as it ended a little uncomfortably after Ryan seemed to decline to join in a song.

Fan quote " I wouldn't describe Neil as yelling at Ryan, he just rightly called him on his refusal to join in, instead of the way Ryan was just sitting there with his head resting on his guitar, waiting for it all to finish. After all, this all happened during a retake they were doing due to Ryan not joining in on the first version. So it's understandable that Neil's patience had been stretched a little. It just seemed like an unprofessional attitude from Ryan. And for him to pack away his guitar during the performance by Neil and Janis.... well, that seemed extremely rude to me. The looks Janis was shooting him were like daggers "

Janis Ian Forum" And after seven hours of blistering heat backstage and in the hall, a bite or two of food our tour managers had to find for us (not the BBC's fault, we knew going in it was a tight budget), and some very frustrating interchanges, Neil finally lost it and asked Ryan in so many words why he couldn't just sing the song the way we'd rehearsed it. At which point Ryan said something about not having asked Neil to sing on one of his songs, and he didn't know the song, and and and and.... There wasn't much else to do but go on with the show, so Neil sang his song again, I did my harmony, and Ryan packed up. When it was time to take bows, Ryan already had the guitar case on his back and was headed offstage.

I have to say that in 45 years as a professional performer, I haven't seen that kind of behavior before. Normally, in a collaborative venture between songwriters, everyone brings their best work to the table, and they let the songs shine for them. No one needs to brag, no one needs to whine. We're all writers, we all respect one another, and we all know that careers can go from platinum to brick in a heartbeat. Apparently, some of us didn't get the memo.

Neil & Ryan returned followed shortly after by Janis and they replayed Fall At Your Feet which was supposed to be a full collaboration but three quarters of the way through Neil stopped and asked Ryan why he wasn’t joining in something they had rehearsed. Ryan was very non-commital and said that he was finding it difficult and clearly didn’t want to be there at which point Neil lost it and said something to the effect that it was his song and he play it all ****in night if he wanted to...

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