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Postby manneringmedia » Wed May 02, 2012 8:21 am

Hi everyone,
Not sure if i posted this in the right place, but i am sure the Modes will help me out here.... :wink:
Have not been around much of late, but i am still working on developing my Internet Radio station (after a spell off line and doing other Family things).
I am hoping to make it predominantly "Country Music" based, with a little crossover into the Folk/Pop.... to give a slightly wider listener interest.
Unfortunately, the project is totally funded by myself and takes a little time to develop, so at the moment i am playing music provided under the "Creative Commons" regulations, or where artist forward their original works with a written consent for me to play their music.

Over the next few weeks, i am rebuilding the studio interior (as it double as a recording studio), also i will be applying for the "PPL & PRS" licenses, to enable me to play more commercially available track.

In the meantime, anyone who wishes to can send me their CDs (with permission to play them on MMIR), and i will be happy to consider them.
I do have interest from a couple of volunteer DJ/Presenters, so i am hoping to have more "Hosted" content/programs going live soon.
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