The fighter

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The fighter

Postby mel » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi All
haven't been on here for a while I wrote some lyrics a while ago and asked what you thought. I got a few good replies. about a month ago I got in touch with a guy in the U.S. and he shuffled them about and added his bit to the story and we came up with this re write still no music. I would like to make it a country song but he suggested giving it a bluesy feel what do you think. oh by the way we changed the title It's now THE BALLARD OF GIPSY JACK

I recall a time back when I was just a lad
Siting on the porch with John my great grand dad
He would tell me stories about the days gone by
How a man was forced to get tough or die
Once he got real quiet for a moment as he drifted back
Then he said let me tell you a story about Gypsy Jack

Now Jack was a butcher and good at his trade
But with a wife and son it took all that he made
So to make ends meet he learned how to fight
Butchered all day and he fought at night.
He said if a man could fight he could at least have a prayer
To make a little money at the Lansdown Fair.

Jack built up a reputation as the best around
He would take on all comers from the other towns
Now Jack had a lighting jab and a big right hand
And he would never back down from any man
Then he heard a rumor that his wife Sara Jane
Was seen in the pubs with a fighter named Big Mike McShane

Jack sent out the message come Friday night
He challenged Big Mike to a no rounds fight
No rest, no water nowhere to hide
I don’t want no money it’s all for pride
Straight bare knuckles just me and him
Fight to the finish let the best man win

In an old tin barn just outside of town
Filled to the rafters they came from miles around
Big Mike swore and then he spit at Jack
Gypsi just laughed and turned his back
Some body yelled you ready, then they rang the bell
It was like they open up the rusty gate of hell

Two mighty warriors oozing sweat and steam
A blood bath battle like no one had ever seen
And just as fast as it started it came to an end
Jack landed a hard right hand on Big Mike’s chin
Mike just blinked his eyes and then he turned around
Took just one step and went crashing down

Somebody shouted go get old Doc Cook
The doc jumped in and took just one look
The place got quite and then the old doc said
This fight over boys Big Mike’s dead
Jack smiled and droped a bloody towel on the floor
Slipped on his coat and hat and headed out the door.

Now Jack went back to his wife and son
Never once uttered a hard word one
Went back to a normal small town life
Cutting meat and caring for his son and wife
A stranger once ask him aren't you the fighter Gypsy Jack
He just smiled and winked but never answered back. Or (he just smiled and walked on and never looked back)

I knelt at his grave today for the very first time
And on the stone was carved just these two lines
Here Lies John Smith A Good Family Man
Always Said Just Do the Best You Can
But way down at the bottom someone had written in black
Best known to his friends and fans as Gypsi Jack

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Re: The fighter

Postby lo&m » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:12 pm

It's like a Louis L'Amour novel. I mean in a good way. L'Amour's books are very popular.
Country is a state of mind, not a state of America.

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Re: The fighter

Postby mel » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:22 pm

Thanks Lo&m

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