"Keep it Country Music"

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"Keep it Country Music"

Postby Smudger » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:05 pm

That's the title of a new Phil Mack Productions show on Showcase 2 (Sky & Freesat), and it's pretty good. It features American country music videos, no Irish or UK acts - a bit like CMT used to be. I've only seen one hour-long programme but it had Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Little Big Town, Moe Bandy, Keith Urban and a few new acts I'd never heard of.

The good thing about it (apart from the lack of Irish music) is there's no inane chat between the videos - just a few adverts now and then. Looks promising!

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Re: "Keep it Country Music"

Postby livewire » Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:58 pm

Yes it's a pretty good watch I don't really bother to watch the Monday show now or just fast forward through it to see any Aussie or Canadian artists are on.
There are still quite a few adverts on both shows which I'm sure the programme makers would like us to pay attention to but they're easy to skip.

I think separating out many of the Irish acts is better. I think they ought to have captions to say whether it is a cover or an original.
EG I wonder how many people they' have fooled into thinking that the new Lisa Stanley "Famous In A Small Town" single / video is a brand new song and not a Miranda Lambert cover! It's been shown on both shows .
There has quite a retail push for the three new latest albums from Kacey Musgraves, Brantley Gilbert and Rascal Flatts.
I haven't seen any of them in my Tesco store but they have sold out of Dolly Parton's Best Of/ Blue Smoke.

Cassadee Pope whose vid was shown + the UP Country cover feature has helped her recover on the charts.
A week after her UK Promo tour she was No.2 on Official UK Country Album Chart, then week later fell to No.20 then disappeared and was nowhere on iTunes Top 1500 Country albums! Now FRAME BY FRAME is back on UK Country iTunes at #220.
I'm not sure she can prise away enough Taylor Swift fans to have success over here and Cassadee might potentially be lined up for possible C2C2015.

I hope Kev liked Taylor Swift's "Red", Carrie's "Cheats", Shelton's "Who Are You..." and the Jessta James "If That Ain't Country"

Texas represented by Kacey and Tanya Tucker.

Is Moshe fed up of Ruckers "Wagon Wheel" yet?

I hadn't seen the Sarah Darling video before which was pretty good though she has better songs. She has tried the Talent Show route the last few weeks to gain publicity on a new show which Brad Paisley judges. She left the show the other day and Brad has invited her to play with him at The Opry on Friday. She has already played it several times and is a somewhat "B" list country artist. She certainly isn't a brand new artist/ talent.
Bit like Julie Roberts who was on a major label with a #4 Billboard album going on The Voice last year and didn't convince Blake Shelton at the Blind Auditions.

If you wear a skirt and can say: "Let's have a look at the first video on the Phil Mack International Show / Keep It Country" Do you get the job :?:


I think Phil Mack believes he invented the phrase "Keep It Country" though a local radio show has used it for 25 years!
It's not the best roll out video is it? Otherwise I agree the rest of the show is pretty good.
Yes seen some of the videos before on YouTube but far better on TV screen.

In other news:
Philip Mclaughlin:
We are looking forward to hosting GENE WATSON'S return to 3 concerts in Ireland in May 2015 . details of dates and venues in August.
Please Visit - http://countryroutesnews.blogspot.com - Country Music News, UK Tours Dates, Album Releases, Press Releases, Billboard Chart News

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Re: "Keep it Country Music"

Postby Moshe » Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:20 pm

I remember the phrase "Keep it Country!" as a bumper sticker back in the Eighties. I recall seeing it on the back of a 4X4 in suburban London back then, as well as hearing it said by various traditionalists.
I suppose an alternative for suburban fans would be "Keep it Suburban!"
Cor Blimey, Guv'nor! 8)

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